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Volunteering With R. Roots 2022!!!

Are you interested in volunteering at our garden or helping out at the farmers markets and/or Harvest events?

R. Roots Garden is a (pending federal) non-profit that operates 3 private gardens on the Northside of Minneapolis. We grow food for farmers markets, local markets and businesses and in-kind distributions where needed. Please check out our website and Instagram for history, updates and shared knowledge. We are horticulturalists that grow vegetables and fruits under a permaculture garden philosophy, which means that we work with nature.

Volunteering - 2022: started Wednesday, May 18th - and will run through October 19th

Days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

(Optional Saturdays/Sundays at the farmers markets - ask for more details)

Location: 2131 Penn Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55411 - We are located in the middle of the block, behind two trees and between two houses. Look for our R. Roots Garden Logo below. FYI we have multiple locations but we will always meet here first and then rotate.

Times: 9am - 12pm. Garden or harvesting will be completed on good weather days and I will communicate via instagram (@RRootsGarden) when a day is cancelled due to severe weather within 24 hours advance notice (if humanly possible). On light rainy days we will still meet at the garden under a canopy and have garden topics to learn or we can sit and listen to the rain.

A lunch will be provided on Mondays @11:30-12pm in partnership with Support + Feed


1. What should I wear? - Dress for garden chores. Wear comfortable clothes that can keep you cool and you don't mind getting dirty. T-shirt, shorts, overalls, a hat, tennis shoes. Make an outfit that you can wash and wear each week. If clothing is a barrier for you we have some clothing options that you can pick from and keep.

2. What should I bring? - You should bring a water bottle, gloves, maybe a hand towel, if needed a kneeling pad or small chair, your favorite tools.

3. Should I bring any tools? - Bringing your own tools is not necessary. We will provide everything that we need to complete the job but if you have favorites or suggestions we are open to that.

4. What can I expect? - you can expect to be in full sun for at least 3 hours, lifting, bending, pulling, hearing good musical vibrations, being around people, digging, twisting, shoveling, raking, helping, sitting, harvesting, Coming in contact with insects, residents and the urban neighborhood environment. You can expect to have a peaceful time.

5. Are there restrooms? - There is no farm house at any of our garden locations so there will not be a restroom onsite. However, I will find a close and safe location for us to use the restroom as we are working through that.

6. COVID measures - You are welcome to wear your mask and wear gloves. There is plenty of space to keep your distance if you feel the need to do so. We have hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and a handwashing station on-site. Please note that the work you are doing is light cardio by nature and that wearing a mask while doing cardio work may limit the amount of oxygen that you are receiving. As always, when you leave your house you are taking a risk of any exposure to germs, diseases and accidents. So please be mindful, wash your hands, cover your mouth and be kind to yourself and one another.

7. Should I wear/bring sunscreen? - Sunscreen is not provided. The gardens are in full sun with little shade. If you need it, bring it.

8. Should I wear/bring bug spray? - Our gardens are free from any known chemicals. You should not need bug spray for mosquitos at the times that we are in the garden. Please do not bring any or wear any to the garden just wear long sleeves and long pants.

I hope that I have answered most of your questions. Please send me a kind response if you have any additional questions.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

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