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Women's History Month - Women in Agriculture #4 - Chaz Sandifer

Chaz Sandifer has a unique connection to agriculture in which she manages, assists and supports local urban farmers (and other local small business owners) with providing a distribution channel for the vegetables and fruits grown locally to get into the hands of the residents that live within the community. Beginning with the Camden Farmers Market in 2017, in partnership with North Market in the Camden neighborhood in North Minneapolis, Chaz helped address the concerns of local urban farmers and small business owners that find it difficult when getting their products on the shelves at the local grocery stores and into the hands of the community. As it is becoming increasing popular to support urban farmers and small businesses with getting their fresh locally made products to the residents in the communities that are underserved this was always not the case. The distance between grocery stores in North Minneapolis is 2-4 miles apart. Whereas in some near twin cities suburbs there are three grocery stores just at one intersection. Residents of the Minneapolis communities spend more time getting to a local grocery store and spend more money with higher costs for fresh produce that travels countries apart than the residents in their neighboring cities.

However, Chaz's introduction to buying local is more about a celebration of good food, good health and good community. She has, over the years nourished our minds with new ideas to good health. It is not just about what you eat but also about how you move your body, think about health holistically, and build relationships within your own community through good food. This live experience at the market is for all ages and you can expect to experience chef cookoffs featuring Black Chefs and fitness classes during the farmer's market. Agriculture has a full cycle that consists of growing the food, distributing the food, preserving the food, eliminating waste, decreasing hunger, building relationships and understanding the connection between our bodies and the food that we eat. Most meaningful, it is about the fresh food that we have access to that we can afford to eat in our communities.

This season the farmers market is at a new location, with a new name in partnership with the City of Robbinsdale. Look for the Lakeview Terrace Farmer's Market Every Saturday from 8am - Noon beginning, May 21st, 2022!!! Stop by this season and meet Chaz.

Chaz is the CEO/Founder of theNEWmpls which focuses on affordable fitness, wellness and nutrition. Bringing her holistic approach to the community, Chaz was able to teach others how to break generational cycles, instilling that fitness is fun, quality nutrition is king, and wellness is key to a healthy future. Chaz is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Life and Wellness specializing in trauma healing, diabetes and arthritis prevention. She teaches a monthly meal prep class called Meal Prep w/a Twist, Works with the CDC, Ramsey County, MN Dept. of Health on Diabetes & Arthritis Prevention Programs She is humble and grateful for this journey. for more information or follow on Twitter @theNEWmpls.

We salute Chaz Sandifer, a woman in agricultural history during this lovely month of March!

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