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Women's History Month - Women in Agriculture #5 - Marisa Benasutti

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Marisa grew up in south Minneapolis in the Seward neighborhood. Her first experiences with the soil was enjoyed while learning at school. The school she attended had a garden and gave their students a farm-to-school experience. Through that experience she knew that she enjoyed being outside and working with the soil. Her family, Italian, is loud and LOVES to eat but none grow food. Marisa said that they love to gather and eat food together but they are not connected to where the food comes from.

In college, she went on to study international relations and political science. She made an amazing discovery through her experience in Geneva, Switzerland while working on international food work during a meeting with UN officials. She learned about how some groups can organize in one region of the world and make food decisions that have an impact on other countries. Wanting something more meaningful with international relations she temporarily ended her journey there.

Oh! but the story gets better, in 2016 her first job in agriculture was with Dream of Wild Health. Working more with the soil again she became instantly hooked on farming, learning that nothing beats growing food and eating it right off the plant. This is where she also became friends with her now business partner, Heather who is from Zimbabwe and together they formed Moshky Farm in 2020. Moshky is defined as a beautiful collision of all the best flavors coming together. Which is a made up word but really describes how their team built their relationships. The team of four women would come together with vegetable scraps and create a meal out of it and share family memories, gardening tips and innovative ideas. Maybe this is how Marisa imagines international relations in food policy actually working in the future.

Marisa now definitely enjoys more than just the outside and keeping her hands in the soil. She is understanding more about her connection to food and the more of a connection we have with food the better the food tastes. Farming is a long-term thing and we must roll and flow with it through the seasons. Farming teaches us patience with each season as we are learning from the earth and the soil. She has learned a lot from Heather about listening to the plants. Learning how to listen to the land and grow food in a good way. Understanding what the soil and plants need from us to grow good food is important. For Marisa, farming is going to be a lifestyle apprenticing herself to the plants and the soil because there is something to learn each season. HeTher has been an incredible mentor to to her in learning how to grow food. She shares with the world that farming was never meant to be done alone. The value of community support to lend a hand on the farm, sharing knowledge from different backgrounds can help your plants survive immediate seasonal concerns like how to conserve water during a drought.

We salute Marisa Benasutti, a woman in agricultural history during this lovely month of March!

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